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A canvas bag with more than 1000 yuan is to spend money out of sight


A canvas bag with more than 1000 yuan is to spend money out of sight

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——Canvas bag

There is a colleague in the office who loves canvas bag very much. No matter traveling or on business, he can't walk as long as he sees a good-looking canvas bag. With the upgrading of consumption, he gradually lost sight of those canvas bags with tens of dollars of cartoon paintings or slogans. With a wave of his hand, he bought a canvas bag in herbag, LV and Gucci at the price of 1.8W, 1.5W and 6000 yuan respectively.

Now, except for herb bag, the other two bags are freely used by colleagues and those around the museum, and they don't have any special treatment because they are expensive.

After all, no matter how much money a bag is, it has to be used to be valuable, and it is a waste of money to provide it there. The expensive canvas bag is just a little more expensive!


► drop1

(1000 cases)

This is a Japanese independent brand. They borrow the meaning of French March É market, hoping that they can tap the demand from people's daily life and produce thoughtful products.

This series of bags, large and small, round and short, are made of white canvas fabric called Hanpu in Okayama, Japan. They are strong and light.

Bright white fabric with a rounded, blunt cut with raw edges makes it look casual. The yellow bar code label inside is a little cool. I love this, but I can't find any online goods. I can only buy them on my behalf.


A buckle striped handbag

(5847 cases)

This brand from Milan, Italy, from the beginning of its birth to "prove that Milan is not only loyal to tradition" as the slogan. At first, they became popular in Korea. Later, they have 45 retailers all over the world. In addition, they also have e-commerce platforms including ssense.

Although it is good at business, it does not delay its old business. This striped handbag is a new product of this season. The bag is made of durable canvas, with leather stitching inside, and special computer compartment, which is large enough to hold children.


Aline GM shoulder bag

From 12000

Although it is a cloth bag with more than 10000 yuan, it is Hermes. This canvas shoulder bag of 2018 is different from other luxury goods, which always reveals the rich atmosphere. This canvas bag can be said to be extremely simple (except for the logo on the bag).

It was inspired by the hay bales made by farm workers. A soft canvas bag with a brown soft leather rope, a long skirt or shorts, and soft and comfortable flat sandals are the most comfortable and casual people in summer.


Canvas piping Tote Bag

►¥ 6840

If you want to know what authentic French street style is, look at Isabel marant.

Prints, tassels, bandages, lace and lamb hair are everywhere in the brand, which was founded in 1994. But you can't run all the way in this "girl" flavor. The essence of french street style is to be free and unrestrained.

Isabel marant has long been adept at mixing and matching. The dress with ankle boots, small floral shirt with straight jeans, once it was the leader of Niang man style. Seemingly ordinary and casual, but always in the free and easy with a little bit delicate and sweet.

This bag is a new product of this season. Its body is wrapped by canvas, and the shoulder strap is very wide.


Logo Tote Bag


Since its birth, this low-key and grotesque brand has been home to avant-garde and radical design. It has always been famous for its deconstruction to reshape the classic silhouette. The most typical is the "split toe shoes" shaped like horseshoes.

It's hard to describe whether it's three-dimensional or flat, modern or retro from his asymmetric tailoring. This new product of the current season also implements this concept, a big grey brown cloth bag with "side carrying".


Large non locking Tote Bag

►¥ 5180

This is a Canadian independent design brand, established in 2007. There are many serious leather shoes on the official website. Therefore, this bag is particularly conspicuous, like a fresh graduate face by the boss, sunny vitality and a bit silly.

Although the bag is a little stiff and straight, it has enough capacity. Built in layering, full body canvas, can probably be directly thrown into the washing machine, and black.


Woven Tote Bag

►¥ 21146

The Japanese brand, which was founded in 2003, did not even have an official website, but suddenly exploded. Its Jesse jacket was fired up to 2766 US dollars on eBay, and its joint baseball cap with just don was also fried for 130000 yen. The flower pattern pillow with Murakami's cooperation was also priced at 500000 yen

It's nothing else to say so much. I just want to explain why this bag is so expensive.


Comparison of embroidered details with piping handbag

►¥ 3257

With the high-frequency and high-quality cooperation with ASICs in recent years, Kiko kostadinov, a designer from Bulgaria, has become a hot talented designer from an unknown fashion.

His design brand of the same name was founded in 2016, always with neat tailoring lines, asymmetric folds and unique silhouettes.

This bag is made of cotton canvas with soft pink trim on the surface of black canvas. The zipper bag inside is green. I don't think it's appropriate to describe it with street style or industrial style. This bag is really cute. still

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